Climbing gardens are vertical gardens for rock climbing. They are sports facilities located on natural rock faces, cultivated spaces surrounded by wild landscapes and meeting points for like-minded people. They are developed with boundless creativity and passion by free-spirited people. The gardens are popular with climbers looking for a physical challenge and somewhere to get together with others.
Climbing gardens are places in nature that have been cultivated respectfully. The rock, with its steepness and grip shapes, as well as the local scenery and vegetation make each climbing area one of a kind. Climbers interact with the natural lines and structures on the rock, and find inspiration for more new adventures in the surrounding area.
Climbers are searching for unique, climbable lines through rock faces. Behind every first ascent lies the story of a person and their intensive interaction with the rock. Route developers are creative thinkers, passionate pioneers and ambassadors of the climbing world.
Climbing gardens can be compared to a stage for encounters, emotions and passion – a laboratory for adventures both large and small. Climbers experience freedom, struggle, the depths of failure and the peaks of personal success. Last but not least, climbing gardens are meeting points for people who live and breathe a shared passion.

Ropeways manufacturer LEITNER and start-up climbing company VERTICAL-LIFE present an exhibition on fascinating, legendary and impressive climbing gardens from all over the world.

129 sport climbing and bouldering areas are on display – a small selection of the diverse possibilities around the globe. Some areas are of great historical importance for the development of climbing, while others have become international hubs thanks to their size and rock quality. Others still have gone from insider’s tip to world-renowned destination in just a short space of time.

Many thanks to all the climbers and photographers who contributed to this exhibition with their passionate work.